About Us

I started Noire is Gold in 2018, after I took a life changing trip to Ghana, Africa. While I was in Ghana I traveled to so many villages and saw the way our people utilized and lived off the land. The food we are was so pure and preservative free, and it showed in my skin. The old products that I bright with me did not work anymore because my body was renewing itself. 

 I came back home and started in a health journey, where anything that went on my body and in my body was as pure as it could be. I bought back some unrefined shea butter from Ghana and that's what I used from head to toe.  I started researching the benefits and how to properly use them together and Sweet Butter Baby was born. I spent months testing, getting feedback, and reworking the formula until it was as close to perfect as possible. I repeated this for each of my products.

All three of these products have a story. Stay tuned!


Thank you Gold Gang!