Porosity... What do you know about it?

This one goes out to you... you my curly girls *Usher voice*.  I wanted to talk about something I must confess I did not do when I started my natural hair journey and that is learn my hair's porosity. Let me pause and inform those who may not know what porosity is and what it means. 

Porosity is how well your hair cuticle handles moisture. With Low porosity hair, your hair cuticles are more closed in which it is resistant to moisture. In medium porosity hair the hair cuticles lay flat which allow moisture in and holds in moisture. In high porosity hair, the hair cuticles are open and the hair absorbs moisture easily but the moisture leaves just as easily. (see below)

I spent a lot of time playing with products and ingredients to find out what my hair liked. I wish I had I known there was a test to help me figure this out faster. The Porosity Test can be done at home by ANYONE with hair!

The Test:

First, drop a strand of clean hair in a glass of room temperature water wait 3-5 minutes. If the strand immediately sinks to the bottom, your hair is of high porosity. If it lingers about midway in the glass, it’s of normal porosity. If the strand floats towards the top and it takes a while for it to sink, your strands are of low porosity.


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