All you need to know about Juicy Coochie!


I am baaaack and I hope you took the time to read the 'About Us' section where I talk about how Noire is Gold came to be.  I promised that I would be back with more details on how each product was birthed and I'm starting with my best seller 'Juicy Coochie'.  

Lets start from the top, Juicy Coochie is a topical moisturizer for your vagina's exterior. It is important to moisturize every inch of your skin and your vagina should be no exception. I designed this product out of a need that I had in which my esthetician told me that my waxes would get easier if I moisturized more. She suggested that I use a major brand lotion or tee tree oil. I thought the major store brand lotion would not be safe enough or could cause irritation but I did try the tea tree oil for a while.

The tea tree oil worked for a short while but it started drying my skin. I researched what could be the cause and discovered that for some tea tree oil alone could cause irritation and drying which is the exact opposite result I wanted. I knew I needed something that would both soothe and moisturize such a sensitive area. I had already been mixing oils and butters for my hair and hair butter so I studied the benefits of each oil and whipped up a batch. I added the oils for moisturizing, aloe for healing and soothing, and natural essential oils for that added umph and voila.... Juicy Coochie was born!

I tested Juicy Coochie for a couple of months on myself to get the (in my eyes) perfect blend, then I gave out bottles for others to test. I wanted a variety of skin types to give test Juicy Coochie because I knew that this needed to work on a wide range of women. I am very contentious of the importance of a balanced PH and I wanted to ensure that this product did not disrupt that balance. That is why I knew all natural quality ingredients was the way to go.

I want you to know that Juicy Coochie is not only good to use on waxed vaginas but it can be used on all vaginas (au natural, trimmer, shaped up, shaven, and or waxed).  When you take care of your skin it stays youthful much longer. Who doesn't want their coochie to stay youthful and vibrant?

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